It’s all happening….

Well, we now have three containers on site after getting all the approvals done last week. Only 5 more containers yet to arrive. Thanks to Steve from Fraser Coast Tilttrays for positioning the containers as close as he has. Despite being on one and a half acres it gets very squeezy when you are manoeuvring a large semi and trying to place things exactly where you want them.Two more will arrive tomorrow and three more next week.


Building approval

We were told that we will have building approval by the certifier on Monday. The next thing to do will be to actually get some containers on site. Because the site is a little cramped and we need to get a semi trailer in to deliver the containers, we need to get at least four in before we start putting in the  piers and footings.

As the title says, this is about building a container house. We will be adding some pics soon as we get going. Currently we are trying to get containers and materials delivered as building approval is very close, just a week or two at the most.