Building approval

We were told that we will have building approval by the certifier on Monday. The next thing to do will be to actually get some containers on site. Because the site is a little cramped and we need to get a semi trailer in to deliver the containers, we need to get at least four in before we start putting in the  piers and footings.


2 thoughts on “Building approval

  1. Hi my name is Greg,
    where in Qld are U? I’m moving there mid-next year somewhere in the outer Brisbane area, and am thinking about building a container house. Which councils are friendly to the concept? What a great idea they are.

    • Hi Greg

      I am in Southeast Qld, between Gympie and Maryborough in a small town called Glenwood. The local council is the Fraser Coast council.There weren’t any problems with them at all possibly because we had a designer( Michael Russell of Maryborough who did a great job BTW) do a nice house design so it’s not just a collection of boxes on a block. They will all be clad externally with colourbond and so will not end up looking like containers externally(mostly).
      I don’t know what the regulations are with councils closer to Brisbane are like. One would think that they are all governed by the same regulations, but like all bureaucracies, it’s all in the interpretation!!My one tip would be to have a decent design drawn up. Oh, and when dealing with a council they are not called just “shipping containers” but rather ISBU’s. Again, it’s all in the wording.

      cheers Ron

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